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Utah scientists create lesbian worms.


By altering a gene in the brain of a female worm, scientists were able to change its sexual orientation so that it was attracted to other females. Scientists activated the gene that makes male structures develop in the body, but only turned it on in the brain.                                                                               -EnvironmentalGraffiti


Sugar, we’re going down drinking

Williamsburg is home to many hip gays and bars to keep them happy and drunk. The newest Brooklyn bar is Sugarland, a performance art-ready dive with plenty of cheap booze. The controversy? It used to be a pizza joint and the only thing New Yorkers like as much as beer is pizza.

Photos from the opening night at Sugarland indicate there might have been more males than ladies in the club, but remember, it’s quality, not quantity that counts. And with seven other gay bars in the borough, it’s just another option for a new lady love.

Fall with FLL

Queer writer Felicia Luna Lemus is going on tour through November, reading from her novel, Like Son, alongside other Akashic Books lit stars like Joe Meno. She’s currently booed up in New York City with her partner, T Cooper, but she has some rad arm tattoos so catch her at a reading while you can.

Like Son follows FTM Frank from California to NYC pre and post 9/11, detailing his relationship with a ladyfriend named Nathalie. Drama ensues, and identities are called into question. If you have any specific questions yourself, ask Felicia when she stops by your local bookstore, library or house party (if you live in Ashland, Oregon.)

Sunday, September 30
Hammer Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, October 2
Skylight Books
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, October 3
U.S.C. Center for Feminist Research
Taper Hall of Humanities, Room 420
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, October 3
Vroman’s Bookstore
Pasadena, CA

Thursday, October 4
City Lights
San Francisco, CA

Friday, October 5
Black Oak Books
Berkeley, CA

Saturday, October 6
House Party
Ashland, OR

Sunday, October 7
Portland, OR

Monday, October 8
Elliot Bay Book Company
Seattle, WA

Tuesday, October 9
Olympia Timberland Public Library
Olympia, WA

Friday, October 12
National Museum of Mexican Art
Chicago, IL

Thursday, October 18
S. Stevan Dweck Center for Contemporary Culture
Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library
Brooklyn, NY

Friday, November 2
Friday Late Nights @ the Poetry Project
Parish Hall, St. Mark’s Church
New York, NY

Saturday & Sunday, November 10 & 11
Miami Book Fair International
Miami, FL

Friday, November 16
The National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention
Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

Tuesday, November 27
McNally Robinson
New York, NY

Miranda July gets Bust-ed

Our favorite queer renaissance woman, Miranda July, is on the cover of the latest issue of faux-feminist magazine, Bust. The interview is worth a read if an acquaintance happens to still subscribe and keep it on her coffee table, as MJ discusses her creative process and incredible envious life of waking up and wondering “what will I do today?”

Although, the letter from the editor’s reference to Miranda as being “Girl-Crush Worthy!!!” is enough to make you cringe and trash the rag. Even the girl-on-girl one-handed read can’t make this magazine as inclusive and it claims to be. We recommend listening to MJ’s podcast interview with Bookworm instead.