Tyra Banks won’t give Kim Stolz her cell number

Tyra Banks appears to be pissed that former ANTP contestant Kim Stolz chose to attend her FIERCEE Awards as a repoter for MTV News instead of a former participant. Or she could be pissed Kim asks the other models if they use any of their photos from the show in their current portfolio (they don’t.)


Dita Von Teese has a “lesbian past”

Dita Von Teese has become famous for being a burlesque star and was married to Marilyn Manson. Now, her “lesbian porn past” has come out, clearly making her the most scandalous person the Bible Belt could imagine. We think it’s hilarious–and aren’t that surprised.

According to The Sun:

Explicit clips of the 35-year-old being spanked and pleasured with a bizarre sex toy by women have emerged online.

It is a blow to Wonderbra who only launched her as the new face of their famous push-up bra last month.

They hoped Dita — real name Heather Sweet — would enhance the company’s clean-cut image by designing her own limited edition collection.

There are no comments from Wonderbra yet, but what would they expect? She’s a burlesque star, duh. Lesbians are basically keeping burlesque alive. They also happen to buy bras.

OUT has a job for you

Out Magazine’s Popnography blog has a few job ideas for queer retail workers:

> If you’re a clothes hound > Work at H&M

> If you’re a serious artiste > Work at MAC Cosmetics

> If you’re a hippie kid > Work at Ben & Jerry’s

> If you’re a caffeine addict > Work at Starbucks

> If you’re a mall rat > Work at Hot Topic

> If you’re a lit geek > Work at Borders

And this will only work if you are gay. Well, maybe at H&M you’ll have the upperhand. Make a note of it on your application.

JD and Joanna talk about MEN

NewNowNext has a video interview with JD Samson and Joanna Fateman about MEN. They discuss their moniker, their music, and their crowd. Unfortunately, they say they won’t everplay Le Tigre as part of their set. Bummer!

Kim Stolz: putting her economics degree to work

Kim Stolz is not not just a pretty face–she’s also a reporter. MTV is putting Stolz to good use as a correspondent for MTV News, covering the 2008 election. Follow her blog posts and leave her an insightful comment…or one that says, “Show us your boobs!”

We love lesbian reporters.

Joan Jett and her girls

A few weeks ago, we told you about Joan Jett and Girl in a Coma being featured as style idols in the new issue of Venus Zine. Now you can read both stories on the mag’s web site. Unfortunately, they didn’t talk to GIAC’s lesbian member Jenn Alva about her style, but let’s just say she’s certainly one of us (see the one in the center, below.)

We’re hot for Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins is an Australian pop star, but in the U.S. she’s still a newbie. Her first single off of her recently released On a Clear Night is called “Where I Stood” and it’s super sad with an accompanying Amelie-esque photobooth video.

And yes, you might have heard this on “Grey’s Anatomy.”