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Jack(ie) + Jill(ian)

Jackie Warner and Co. are coming back into your living room to kick your ass. The third season of “Work Out” airs tonight. If you’ve never been inspired to do some tricep presses while watching tv, this show could be the one to change that. Besides, it’s almost tank top season (though for some, it always is).

But before “Work Out” premieres tonight (on Bravo at 10 p.m.), catch the live season finale of “Biggest Loser,” (on NBC from 7-9 p.m.) who’s equally fit trainer Jillian Michaels has been linked to Warner as a former “partner.” It’s unclear whether that means just as a one-time co-owner of Warner’s Sky Sport Spa or if Michaels is, in fact, on our team too (we’ve been thinking yes. Duh, why else watch the show? Besides the motivation and whatnot…)


Jackie Warner and Rebecca get (a day) off

If you missed Bravo’s half hour special, “Work Out: Trainer’s Day Off,” you didn’t miss much. However, it appears that Jackie and her formerly-straight employee, Rebecca, are still an item. There is a solid 10 minutes of the two lovebirds visiting a sushi joint that Rebecca frequents, and she even jumps behind the counter to make her own roll. Then they eat. It is really that enthralling. You can check out the segment in two parts on Bravo’s website. 

Let Jackie work you out

Jackie Warner, star of Bravo’s “Work Out,” must be getting bored during her off season. She’s soliciting new clients for personal training sessions via MySpace bulletins (does she really need to do that?). Jackie’s offering sessions at her home or at her Sky Sports Spa. So, if you live in L.A and can spare $400 to stare at her abs for an hour, do it up!

Sky Sports is nice and all, but you get to see that on TV, so if you’re interested, you should definitely have your session at her home. (So you can suggest you’re more comfortable working out in the bedroom … naked. Because that’s what you normally do at home and hey, it’s your money!).