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OMG! Paris Hilton went to a lesbian club–twice!

For some reason, it’s important breaking news that Paris Hilton was spotted at L.A.’s lesbian club, Falcon, the other night. Even more shockingly, according to the various media outlets reporting this important news, is that it wasn’t her first time. (Her first was for the the premiere of “The L Word,” where she was spotted hangin’ out with Daniela Sea and Kate Moennig.)

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? No really. What the hell do they think that’s supposed to mean? A lot of people go to gay clubs. They’re called hags.


Paris Hilton gets a chance to use all three of her talents at once. God Bless.

Great new guys, rumor has it that Paris Hilton has been cast to play a lesbian in Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical.

Tabloid insider states, “Paris is keen to stretch herself as an actress so she’s happy to kiss another girl for the audience and actually thinks it’ll be fun to play a lesbian.”

“She’ll also get to stretch her vocal chords and she loves that.”

Get siked, she will be singing, acting, and making good use of prior hacked Sidekick experience. Overall a triple threat of pure LOL’n to the grave.