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Dress like a rainbow warrior

This week’s “Project Runway” finale will leave us anticipating threads from a hot new designer, but none of them are queer ladies. Luckily, CocoRosie‘s queer half, Bianca Cassidy, has decided to launch her own fashion line during New York’s Fashion Week (which isn’t until September–ugh!)

Cassidy told WWD that the yet-to-be-named line will be “sizeless” and “genderless.” We wouldn’t expect anything less, though we can’t imagine some of the pieces will be all too flattering.

Her fake ‘stache will likely not be included.


Bunny Rabbit is back at it

Queer Brooklyn MC Bunny Rabbit is finally releasing some follow-up songs to her 2006 album, Lovers and Crypts. She just put up two new tracks on her MySpace called “Stranger Danger” and a hater anthem called “Hit Em Up.” Bunny works together with her girlfriend/producer Black Cracker, and together they have a dirty, sexual repore that makes you jealous and sweaty. They are BFF with CoCoRosie and signed to Bianca’s Voodoo-EROS label so definitely check out the new songs. One of our fave lines: “Bunny Rabbit running wild and shit!”

Outed: Beth Ditto and Bianca Cassady

Every year, OUT Magazine names its Out 100, which is essentially a list of queer people that made the most headlines in 2007. As a teaser, they’ve been letting out a few of the names and photos on their website to get people excited about the issue that comes out this month. Among the most recently named were Beth Ditto of the Gossip and Bianca Casady of CoCo Rosie. Once the issue hit stands, we want to see a lot more queer girl representation, but we can’t get our hopes up–it is OUT, after all. We’ll keep you posted.

CocoRosie and cupcakes

She may be most well-known as one half of CocoRosie, but Bianca Casady (aka RedBoneSlim) is also a freakishly good fine artist. This Saturday marks the opening of her exhibit at Deitch Projects in NYC. The title, Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” Pipe Dreamz A Revelation, should be enough to draw a crowd, but the opening, which kicks off at 6 p.m., will also feature a performance by–you guessed it–CocoRosie. Brookyn’s own Bunny Rabbit says she’ll be serving cupcakes. Check out Bianca’s Lisa-Frank-on-acid art and eat some sweets.


This quarter in Girls Like Us

There’s only one thing that sucks about Girls Like Us magazine, and that is that it’s only available in select locations around the world. Otherwise, it’s damn near perfect. GLU is a quarterly magazine out of Amsterdam that is heavy in the Q&As with important dykes and inspired photography and art that you certainly can’t find in other magazines. Plus, they have American Apparel underwear with their logo on it–hot.

The spring issue has an interview with the Voodoo-EROS family (including the ladies of CocoRosie), and comic artist/”L Word” staff writer Ariel Schrag. One of the best features is about purses that look like vaginas. It’s reason enough to spend ten American dollars on the mag, which also has a spread on dildos in outer space. Some of the pics from the magazine are on its website, but seriously–support lesbians doing awesome things and buy a subscription, and you’ll get your own pair of GLU American Apparel jersey boy briefs.