Nightspots interview w/ GIAH

the homos are …

trish bendixtrish bendix

Likes: caffeine, irony, the Internet, magazines, digressions, collecting anything with a typewriter on it, Comcast on demand, Sarah Silverman, the ‘90s

Dislikes: stalkers, people who don’t like to dance, hangovers, Ann Coulter, loud children, math, being the first person at a party

Trish has written about queers and entertainment for publications such as Time Out Chicago, The Village Voice, Planet Out, Jane and Jane, and Punk Planet. She currently writes the music column, SoundCheck, for AfterEllen.com and is one of the Hook-up bloggers on Ourchart.com. In 2007, she was the co-creator and curator of Queer Fest Midwest, and was the co-founder and publisher of the now defunct, chillmag.com. She works well with computers because her handwriting sucks.

jamie murnane

jamie murnaneLikes: diet coke, dance parties, stella the pug, iced coffee, netflix, being connected to the world via MySpace, free nights and weekends, drinking cold beer on warm nights with hot friends, not having a car, new magazine smell

Dislikes: rudeness, heckling at concerts, showing too much cleavage, creepsters, television commercials

Jamie is totally copying Trish by also being one of the curators of Queer Fest Midwest and co-founding the now-defunct chillmag.com. She writes about random things for a bunch of random publications, but mostly just likes to have written or talk about writing. Except for blogs. That’s different.


Likes: fun, friends, sandwiches, schedules, high fives, teenagers, pop punk, t-shirts, slang, Stephen Malkmus, themed parties, Cavalier King Charles, the East Coast, first world problems, productivity

Dislikes: jerks, whistling, dramatic temperature changes, those who don’t dance, most children, the word beige, people who think they are too cool for school

amandalynferri was raised in Connecticut, educated in Chicago, and currently resides in New York. She is co-founder of NYC sandwich blog, Delicious Sandwich and co-captain of CVragers where she throws a monthly-ish party, HEY, Let’s Rage?. Her preferred style of writing is in exclamation and bullet points.

send us press releases, nude photos, free shit, etc. at girlfriendisahomo@gmail.com.


12 responses to “About

  1. I just happened to stumble on your blog one day, an decided to give it a look. For what I’ve read, I really enjoy reading your blog. Yet, the cynical side of me feels like some thing is a little missing from your dynamic blog. I’m adding my two-cents, maybe you should add some flava* to the mix on your blog which seems very hipster-queer-alt, I maybe wrong with my labeling, it’s just what I perceive.

    Anywho keep up the good work and fight!

    a little spice never hurt anyone*


  2. Hey, love to do a feature story/interview thingy with y’all grrlz in Nightspots Magazine. Gimme a shout and we’ll hook it on up.

    —Kirk, managing editor, Nightspots Magazine

  3. thanks to that little nightspots magazine that gets delivered weekly to my smut-peddling job in boystown i found out about your blog. it entertains me in the wee hours. thanks!

  4. Hey! Ran across your blog via the Beth Ditto post. Don’t know that I agreed with the viewpoint, but I’ll be back for more of your sass. Loved the New Young Pony Club cover of Jealous Girls. 🙂

    -Amy (Portland, OR)

  5. Just wanted to say hello and that I love the blog. You girls are hipper and funnier than anything similar I’ve read online.

    The Ellen Page post was interesting– and it made me wonder if you guys could will ever post anything personal on the blog. I mean, what were your own experiences with coming out, etc? That may be too much to ask. But I’d love to read it. Just a thought.

  6. hey, i like your site and i wanted to share a great band with you: vixtrola. they are fronted by an out lesbian (originally from chicago) and they’ve got a really great sound. check them out at http://www.myspace.com/vixtrola


  7. FYI

    I’m officially obsessed with this blog


  8. Hey I just stubled on your page the other day and literally read EVERY page. WTF. It’s great. Nice to find a young lesbian blog!

    Keep up the great work.

  9. You ladies are so gay.
    Keep it up! Stunning!


  10. As your blog’s token heterosexual southern male reader, I want to thank you for the service you provide. Your coverage of Punky Brewster and Ellen Page have earned you a place in my frequently-used bookmarks. Don’t stop believing.

  11. Bloody excellent blog guys.
    Gonna add you to my blogroll. Hope that’s ok.


  12. hope you come out of the coma soon! do you need any extra writers? i’d be down for helping out if you do!

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