We’re hot for Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins is an Australian pop star, but in the U.S. she’s still a newbie. Her first single off of her recently released On a Clear Night is called “Where I Stood” and it’s super sad with an accompanying Amelie-esque photobooth video.

And yes, you might have heard this on “Grey’s Anatomy.”


4 responses to “We’re hot for Missy Higgins

  1. I’m glad that Missy Higgins is starting to get some well deserved attention in the US. Though I did kind of enjoy watching her play smaller shows there when no one knew who she was.

    Her first album Sound of White is well worth a listen too.

  2. Amazing singer and songwriter!

  3. Jett Rivendell

    Yep Aussie Girls are hot!! I love Missy but my next best OZ hottie is Queer Actor/Writer/Director Leah Pellinkhof.
    The only pic I could find was her face book photo but it keept me drooling for hours. Any one out there in lesbo land know anything else about this spunky chick?

  4. Missy we love you! Her song Warm Whispers is even better!

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