Straight city

We’ve been hearing about these Guerilla Gay outings lately, where gaggles of gays gather to take over a straight bar for the night. The location is kept secret and only announced to a select mailing list the day of the event. And then? Then you hang out at a straight bar all night.

This happens regulary in cities such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, Portland and D.C., so obviously it’s a trend. We wonder, though–what’s the appeal? It seems as if the new queer generation go to straight clubs for other purposes on any occasion and feel just fine. The LA club’s FAQ says:

There’s an awful lot of us who aren’t really totally comfortable in gay places, or at the very least don’t want to go to a “gay bar” every single time we go out. So, this is really just a clever way to see new places, meet new people, and have a drink.

It sounds as if the places where these kind of events would really be beneficial are smaller cities and towns lacking in gay establishments. Time to start your own!


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