Lindsay Lohan’s parents hate lesbians

Reports from “a source” are claiming that Lindsay Lohan’s parents want her to stay away from her new lesbian friend, Courtenay Semel. Apparently, they haven’t met Samantha Ronson. Several gossip blogs have noted that the two attended a “power lesbian party” at Jeanette Longoria’s house last week, and that were spotted “holding hands.”

Ask Paris Hilton–lesbian friends are the new tiny dog, especially if they are rich.


9 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s parents hate lesbians

  1. i bet a lot of people’s parents hate gay people.

    what is a power lesbian party?

  2. Actually, that source is a little behind the times; that rumour was originally reported back in December.

    In the original reports, the party was actually a housewarming party for Longoria, who was referred to as a “power lesbian,” so why this source decided to call it a “power lesbian party” is beyond me 😉

  3. i think that deep down inside, every one of us is a power lesbian party in our hearts.

  4. ha! that’s a good point. i am totally a power lesbian party.

    i wanted to also tell you that, as a lifetime movie fan, i noticed that the clea duvall movie hasn’t been on yet. you said that it would be on the sunday after you made the post about it.

    girlfriend is a liar!

  5. jamiemurnane

    my fault, heather. it was technically on the Lifetime Movie Network. Shows how much of a fan you are. 😉 But don’t worry, Clea was playing straight and totally not fooling anyone.

  6. If you listen to the commentary on Hard Candy, Ellen Page mentions that My Summer of Love is one of her favorite films.

    Makes ya wonder..

  7. Oops! Accidentally posted that Ellen Page comment in the wrong place!

  8. Look at her that is clearly a picture that shows she has been repressed by anti lesbian parents

  9. Samantha Ronson’s girlfriend is not Lindsay is Sia in australia. They did that for ok magazine.

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