The end of “The L Word”

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that “The L Word” has been renewed for one more season which will be its last. Only eight episodes will be shot this summer for the last season. Ilene has said that Ourchart will remain fully functional as an extension of the show.

Showtime must have finallly thrown in the towel after realizing the show was blatantly ripping off the worst parts of “Queer as Folk” and reprocessing them into bizarre stalker love triangles. However, this is still sad news as “Exes and Ohs,” the only other cable lesbian television show, has not announced any plans of renewal on Logo, and that’s about it for us at this point.


4 responses to “The end of “The L Word”

  1. Thank heavens it’s gonna be over soon. I’m having a hard enough time sticking with S05 as it is. For a show that had a lot of potential it seems to have really stagnated due to a seeming lack of thought-out story arcs and character development. They need to bring back A.M. Homes to tidy up season 6, leave it to Chaiken and it’ll be a mess…

  2. I think what has become difficult about the L Word is that the characters all seem to have split personality disorder. Yes people change but why are they suddenly doing some that’s a complete 180 to their personality???

  3. I think it is really sad that this show is ending next year.
    There are not many shows that unashamedly feature the lesbian lifestyle, warts and all.

    Yes there have been occasionally difficulty with the credibility of some of the characters but as a whole the L word is one of the best shows we have seen in a long while, lesbian or not.

    A lot of credit has to go to the actors who have done a great job of converting an average script into a show that will be remembered for years to come

    Lesbian Movie Scene

  4. The L Word changed my life.
    When I thought the WORLD was not ready for what I thought it was WRONG… then THE L WORD came, and changed completely my view… YES, I can be feminine, intelligent, have lots of friends… be STRONG regarding my sexuality… FIGHT for equality… etc.
    It showed a different view… a reality I never thought it was possible.


    Thank you.

    Thank you 🙂

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