Bi’s on film

This week, Bi The Way, a documentary on bisexuality is playing at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. It’s directed by two women, and from the trailer, it seems like it’s actually pretty fact-based and interesting. Hopefully it gives a little more to the idea of bisexuality than a.) they’re sluts, b.) they’re greedy, or c.) they’re afraid to admit they’re gay.

As Gawker pointed out last week, it might feel like it’s a little too late to be calling this a trend, but visibility is as visibility does, and real bisexuals certainly get pushed to the side sometimes.


One response to “Bi’s on film

  1. cool.

    i’d stay away from saying “real bisexuals” though, as if they’re a rare breed. i think a lot of girls in particular (gay or straight) are more bisexual than they care to admit. thank god for ellen page! a non-commital hero. homegirl’s smarter than everyone gave her credit for.

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