Say it ain’t so:Ex-Ex-Members

In the last year, the queer music scene has lost Electrelane and Triple Creme, and now, Durham, NC-based Ex-Members are calling it quits. Their last show is in their hometown this Saturday, March 8th at the Local 506 opening for MEN and Hey Willpower (though judging by the last MEN “performance” we saw, Ex-Members should be headlining. Then again, we say they shouldn’t be breaking up in the first place.)

No word on why the electro trio are calling it quits, but now the ex-members of the Butchies, Team Dresch and Gerty will be ex-members of Ex-Members. Ironic. But totally a Big Black Goodbye.


4 responses to “Say it ain’t so:Ex-Ex-Members

  1. no!!!! they dont even have an album yet. right? im so sad. i truly love them. i’m crushed…

  2. You’re right. MEN is ridiculous and ridiculously overpriced. They might as well plug in a iPod and go sit at the bar.
    Ex-Members should have headlined.

  3. ex members were not that great anyway, at all.

  4. Whatever. This girl says go gluten free and disregard breadface’s typo-ridden comment. Ex-Members were one of the best electro-rock bands around. Check out their reviews in Venus and Pitchfork. Truly, it was a sad day to watch them perform their last show.

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