Ellen Page on SNL

Ellen Page hosted “Saturday Night Live” last night, and the last sketch touched on her “rumored” gayness. Unfortunately it doesn’t really say anything and the ending is lame. We wonder what she was going for with this. Mysterious!

Our favorite part of the show was “The Mirror,” her digital short with “Dick In The Box” genius, Andy Samberg.


5 responses to “Ellen Page on SNL

  1. I would like to hug her with my legs in (more than) friendship…
    Probably once Jack and Diane comes out it will be common knowledge that Ellen and Olivia Thirlby have gone real life gay for each other and are off adopting Chinese babies in Africa or something.

  2. haha i just wanna hug another with my legs in friendship

  3. I LOVE HER!! some say this was her way to come out, but I think this wasn only her saying “I might be gay or I might not… I don’t care what you think of me anyway”

  4. “I just felt like I was an oil lamp that’s never been lit.” Ahahaha. I cannot stop laughing at that. Amazing.

  5. sadly Jack and Diane is not anymore in Ellen’s upcoming projects in her IMDb profile.

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