Clea DuVall is not just a supporting character

You don’t have to admit to watching Lifetime movies if you don’t want to (we know, they suck you in, it’s okay). This Sunday, you may feel more comfortable owning up to your deep, dark secret because your root, Clea DuVall, will be starring in a new original Lifetime movie, The Watch.

Clea plays Cassie, a college student who undergoes an “isolation experiment that requires that she spend time alone in a forest as a fire lookout.” Then, creepy stuff starts to happen. So it’s just like But I’m a Cheerleader, except instead of doin’ Natasha Lyonne, she’ll be freaking out in some scary-ass woods. You’re totally watching, aren’t you?!


2 responses to “Clea DuVall is not just a supporting character

  1. Yes!! I love Clea and anything she’s in. Luckily for me and other fans, she works so much that she’s in a new movie all the time. I didn’t know about this one, though. It makes me happy 🙂

  2. Kimberly Lynn cole

    I watched almost all of THE WATCH and I
    had not had sleep and fell asleep DARN! Because she was lovely and this movie is GREAT!
    very suspenseful and scary!!!!!
    I cannot wait to see it again and all the way
    through this time!

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