South of Nowhere no more

Rumors are circulating that the upcoming season of The N show “South of Nowhere” will be its last. While it has yet to be confirmed, it seems that many Internet lesbos are saying it’s true. (Not us, we remain speculative until The N says “Donesville.”)

If you are heartbroken over the thought of Spencer and Ashley never gracing your screen again, head over to and join in the crusade to keep this teenage romance alive. They are taking this situation very seriously, as they have apparently received “a serious email from a ‘South of Nowhere’ fan that has taken the news of a possible cancellation particularly badly.”

We just want to let all of you know that even if/when this show ends, there are still so many resources out there for you to find comfort within yourself.

Resources like Logo, Showtime, and reality television.

Update:  The rumors are true. R.I.P. SON


3 responses to “South of Nowhere no more

  1. For a fix of Maeve and Mandy (from SoN), check out

  2. how can you just stop the season like that it is the only thing to live for in the world and don’t crush spashley that would be murder to me

  3. I dont want you to take South of nowhere off air. Because I love the show. I bet my friend would love it if you guys took it off the air. South of nowhere is the only show I watch beside Degrassi. Well I would love it if you guys would fight to it on air.

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