Ellen Page and Malcom in the Middle: not on our watch

Just to keep the rumor mill going, new reports have linked our Ellen Page with Frankie Muniz, saying the two shared a pre-Oscars breakfast in West Hollywood Sunday morning. However, we doubt the source (The National Enquirer) who says:

“Frankie was making Ellen laugh non-stop all through their meal. He kept telling her not to be nervous, that no matter what, she hit it big just getting nominated. Then he’d crack a joke and she’d burst into laughter. Ellen said she was happy to have a good excuse to hang out in Los Angeles.”

It’s a good thing Ellen had a reason to be in L.A., other than being nominated for an Academy Award. At any rate, say it ain’t so!


6 responses to “Ellen Page and Malcom in the Middle: not on our watch

  1. HMM.. maybe she’s straight.

  2. totally. what kind of “spy” would overhear that entire conversation? plus the girl lives in like rural Canada, so how would she date him? maybe Musto’s right and they’re just rapidly pairing her with a male actor.

    but… this is-she-isn’t-she stuff is too much. done it before with acquaintances and it’s so tiresome. she needs to come out or something, otherwise i say peace.

  3. frankie muniz, woof!

  4. Nahh….
    Frankie’s dating a 27 year-old hanger-on by the name of Elycia Marie, which recently moved in with him. She “excites him” in his own words…
    Scary but true…

  5. if u saw her SNL tonight, her last sketch was all about being gay and coming out. i think it was very telling.

  6. I don’t know why I read this stuff..lol…Halifax is not rural Canada. It’s a city – a beautiful, urban modern(ish) city with a lot of character. It’s closer to New York than Chicago is.

    The sketch was tongue in cheek, hilarious and kudos to her for making fun. Good on ya!

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