Carrie Brownstein on Kaki King

You know how we feel about Carrie Brownstein and Kaki King, so just imagining C.B. listening to Kaki’s new album in her humble Portland abode is a total dream. In response to Maxim recently “reviewing” an album they never heard, Carrie wrote some funny reviews of new albums on her blog. Kaki’s upcoming Dreaming of Revenge was among them:

I’ve been waiting for this CD for 11 years and it finally arrived. “Life Being What It Is” is King at his best, while “Open Mouth” is King even better than he usually is. “Air and Kilometers” is a beautiful song about traveling in a plane in a country that uses the metric system and “Montreal” is about a city in Canada.

Rating: Happy Milkshake.

That quirky little Carrie! But we have to agree on one thing–the album is a total happy milkshake.


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