It’s certainly not just us

A “Faithful Reader” sent us a link to Michael Musto’s column in the Village Voice this week, which has the infamous gossip’s Oscars wrap-up. The title says it all: “Ellen Page’s Sexuality! Jennifer Garner’s Hairdo!”

Unfortunately, we don’t get any answers, but it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones whose gaydar has been going off. He writes:

By the way, is Oscar loser Ellen Page a lesbian or just one of them there man-distrusting tomboys? Did she bring her mother?

Let us know when you find out, Musto. Thanks Faithful Reader!


10 responses to “It’s certainly not just us

  1. (I believe you mean the Oscars, not the Grammys)

  2. oops, yes we did! thanks 🙂

  3. But the Grammys might have actually been worth watching if Ellen was involved!

  4. ok, Michael has written up another post on Ellen Page. this time it’s just about her.

  5. oooh very nice–thanks jackie!

  6. i feel that post is more substantial than just the one line you posted up for this article. you should ammend some of the stuff in this new article.

  7. again, ellen you go girl! especially if she actually comes out

  8. She brought both of her parents. There are pictures of the three of them over at gettyimages. Sadly, it seems that the woman sitting next to her was nothing more than a seat filler.

  9. i swear she has pinged the ‘dar of every gay blogger out there.

  10. in her interview for “Interview” she said if she could be anyone for one day she’d be Peaches, or Karen O…I think that sum it all up for me haha.

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