Ellen’s “date” at the Oscars

Many of you have the same question we did: who was that girl sitting next to Ellen Page at the Oscars last night? A sister? Cousin? Personal trainer, as Queen Latifah would claim?

Excuse the incredibly bad screen capture, but the Oscars were not having any screen time for Ellen’s possibly gay lover. Unfortunately, she didn’t win for Best Actress in a Leading Role, so we couldn’t hear her thank anyone, much less her lesbian lover.


11 responses to “Ellen’s “date” at the Oscars

  1. I wondered the exact same thing, noticing that she took up quite a bit of elbow room on the arm rest they shared (which if you were strangers placed next to each other at an award show, you probably wouldn’t do) and beaming really brightly every time Ellen was mentioned, especially in reading her name for the best actress nom. Wishful thinking…

  2. my guess is that it’s her “roommate.”

  3. Whether it was a “date” or not, you go girl!

  4. Wishful thinking, and I’m ok with that.

  5. that is Kelly Bush, her publicist, who is an out lesbian with a partner and a kid.

  6. woah – how many guests are nominees allowed? she took her parents (v cute!) all well…

  7. who cares? Ellen Page is hot!

  8. Does it matter if she is a lesbian or not?

  9. Ellen Page has a girlfriend. She’s dating a 30 yr old Haligonian named Paula Robbins. hope that helps you.

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  11. Bella Ella Ella

    FRANK, a rag in Ellen’s hometown apparently has a big spread (hehehehe) on Ellen this week complete with a photo of this Paula Robbins girl. Has anyone actually seen it?

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