Yet another woman claims she’s touched Angelina’s privates

An assistant producer of the Nicholas Cage/Angelina Jolie flick Gone in 60 Seconds is suddenly claiming that she and Jolie had an on-set fling. (Our guess is she’s been watching “The L Word” and got ideas from Jenny and Niki’s trailer-rockin’.)

Flynetonline has the full story, which is pretty ridiculous, though entertaining. Why has this woman (Misty Cooper, who, by the way, is not even cute) decided to “come out” with this after 8+ years? Oh, we’re sure money had nothing to do with it. She probably just needed to get it off her chest.

The best part: “…Misty realized that ‘Angie wanted to sleep with me as much as I was so desperate to get her into bed,’ adding; ‘You could cut the sexual tension with knife.'” At the very least, this broad got her boob grabbed.


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