Lesbians take over mom’s house, the world


Some poor broad in Iowa wrote to Amy Dickinson about her troubles with her lesbian daughter:

Dear Amy: My daughter is 25 years old, graduated from college and has a job. She lives with me and pays me rent. This sounds great except she is a lesbian. She has her lesbian friend over all the time, and they have taken over my household. Her friend has her own apartment but washes her clothes in my washing machine and eats off of my table.

This makes me sick. Where are their morals?

I don’t invite any friends over because my daughter has taken over. One of my friends said, “Thank goodness it’s not a guy–at least she can’t get pregnant.” My daughter has no respect for me; otherwise she wouldn’t do this. I feel as though she can go to her friend’s apartment and do whatever she wants–I just don’t want to know.

In short, Amy responds with “Stop trippin about her sex life and then tell her to clean her mess.” We agree, but have to say that Mama isn’t going to get anywhere calling her daughter’s boo her “friend.” Seriously–it doesn’t make them stop having sexual relations, it just pisses them off. It doesn’t sound like they’re even doing anything but eating and washing their clothes.

Dear Mom in Iowa, stop being an asshole. Peace!


2 responses to “Lesbians take over mom’s house, the world

  1. lol she should count her freaking blessings at least her daughter has a fucking job and can pay rent. i know tons of folks lesbian or not who are at home with their parents and not paying rent at all!

  2. The acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. An incosiderate woman raised an inconsiderate daughter.

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