Ev and Brooke: didn’t they almost have it all?

Apparently “Road Rules” is still a television show, and “Real World” applicants who aren’t hot enough to become “seven strangers” in a big city instead compete in challenges in third world countries. Then everyone who has ever been on one of these two shows are invited to perpetuate their reality show stereotypes on “The Gauntlet.” This season, it’s veterans versus rookies, and Brooke, the train-wreck from “Real World: Denver” is back with a boob job and a pension for bisexuality.

Out lesbian, Evelyn, and Brooke started to french each other in the first episode, but by the fourth episode, Brooke was ousted for her lack of athleticism. With a heartfelt goodbye, EV doesn’t want to let go of her new boo, but Brooke tells the camera that despite Evelyn’s “unconditional love for her” (in less than a week’s time), Brooke now knows she can find that in a man.

Howevs, on her blog, she maintains she’s been bi since last year and “currently has a girlfriend.” No word on if this girl is EV.


One response to “Ev and Brooke: didn’t they almost have it all?

  1. Brooke is bisexual and is still dating a womyn. Make sure to be careful how you talk about people – you never know if they or their family could be reading.

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