GLAAD doesn’t listen to lesbians in music

GLAAD has announced its 19th annual Media Award Nominations and have made it painfully obvious that they are unaware of any good music by queer female artists. Their picks for music artist of the year:

Music Artist
Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City
The Cliks, Snakehouse
Melissa Etheridge, The Awakening
Rufus Wainwright, Release the Stars
Patrick Wolf, The Magic Position

The guys: great. The girls: not so much. Not even Tegan and Sara, GLAAD? The rest of the categories are lady-friendly, but we can’t get over their misstep in the musical category. For shame!


5 responses to “GLAAD doesn’t listen to lesbians in music

  1. lmao!

    at least lucas is hawt.

  2. Umm, they nominated The Cliks, which is a band full of lesbians with an FTM frontman and Melissa Etheridge. I wouldn’t exactly say lesbians were ignored.

  3. I totally agree. I thought the Cliks were adorable but their music was bad. And Melissa is just kind of a copout.

    The Gossip had an amazing breakout year and Tegan and Sara’s newest album is also amazing. And they’re both pretty mainstream now. Here’s my top 10 of 2007:

  4. You think the Cliks music is bad? Are u deaf?
    And I love the disrespecting of Melissa Ethridge. Is she not a Lesbian???!?!?! Or perhaps you mean you want a “young clique” of Lesbians.
    Tegan and Sara are annoying anyway. Their voices sound like mice and they’ll be popular for 5 seconds until they’re hair goes out of style. At least The Cliks and Melissa Ethridge have real honest music.

  5. I didn’t mean to dis Etheridge I just meant that she’s so mainstream they didn’t have to dig very deep to find her.

    As for The Cliks, what can I say. I thought their music was generic and boring.

    Tegan and Sara you may have a point. But for all their hipsterdom their current album is multi-layered and shows they’ve grown. I think it’s fantastic and shows they’ll get even better.

    And The Gossip…Well Beth Ditto’s voice is just amazing and it’s a travesty they were overlooked.

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