Lipstick and Dipstick: still giving advice

If you’re a few decades behind and think lesbians can be easily divided into butches and femmes, then you probably appreciate the “advice” of Curve’s columnists, Lipstick and Dipstick. They answer questions like “How do I get with this straight girl?” and bicker back and forth with no real resolutions. At least that’s what we remember from when we used to waste our time reading it.

But if the duo has fans, they might be interested in their new book, Lipstick & Dipstick’s Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships. The book is described as a “point/counterpoint for the lesbian set! ”

From finding a date to staying together, they help readers navigate the wild world of discovery that pulls up shortly after the U-haul drives away-how to deal with exes, emotional baggage, and sexual dilemmas. Along with pointers about what not to wear, the authors provide a list of the ten signs it’s not going to work out.

Our bet is if you’re using this book to navigate through “the wild world of discovery,” you’ll keep wondering why you’re single.


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