Tila breaks Bobby’s heart for a second shot at love

Bisexual “model” Tila Tequila hosted MTV’s New Year’s Eve bash where contestants Dani, Dominico, Vanessa and Ashley were on hand. Absent, however, was Bobby, the “winner” of the show and “a shot at love” with Tila. Tila announced that Bobby dumped her just a few days before the show, saying he wasn’t up to dealing with her busy lifestyle. She wasn’t too broken hearted though–she was able to pull through and announce the second season of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” shooting this spring.

Bobby claims Tila’s lying in a Myspace bulletin, writing (rather eloquently), “she never called me after the last show and no one would give me her number so pretty much I feel like and ass but we are not 2gather u cant have a realationship bye urself ya know.” That’s right, Bobby.

Once again, the real winner of this reality circus: Dani Campbell. Are there really more lesbians willing to put themselves on this show?


3 responses to “Tila breaks Bobby’s heart for a second shot at love

  1. Melissa Smith

    I honestly believe that the second show should NOT happen. Dani would never have let that happen so in my opinion Dani should automatically by default get the prize and be with Tilla. However, if this cannot happen then Dani should have her own dating show for lesbians everywhere can I please be contestant number one?

  2. umm she’s an attention whore. read the article again. she was dumped days before the new years party, but at the party she announced the second show?? so in a few days they already decided on a season two? come the fuck on. that bitch is worthless and so are the people who go there thinking they could fall in love with some ugly myspace attention whore in a few weeks. come on people. wake up.

  3. She’s fake.
    If she wasn’t she wouldn’t have been perfectly fine when he dumped her.
    And then oh golly my gosh bins, she has a sequal!
    But she’s still pretty. =]

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