Tegan hotter than Sara?

Stereogum recently had a poll for 2007’s Indie Rock Hotties, separating the lists into the top 50 females and top 50 males. Making the top ten at number nine was Tegan–but where was Sara? Number 17. We wonder how the news is going over on the tour bus. Could the fact that Tegan is 8 paces hotter than Sara spawn a sibling rivalry?

Other gay ladies who scored were Lovefoxx of CSS (18), Beth Ditto (24), and Amanda Palmer (37). Feist was named number one.


10 responses to “Tegan hotter than Sara?

  1. I’d have to say I agree that Tegan is hotter than Sarah. Don’t know what it is! Also, I thought Neko Case was a lesbian.

  2. hahahahaha… that’s really funny.. tegan is really fuckin’ hot .. tis true.

    which is weird cause i’ve always thought of tegan being hotter .. but sara being “prettier’.. its funny how these things work

    regardless … i love T&S .. and i love u guys u keep me entertained! forsure.

  3. arg a klaxons lovefoxxx engagement?
    thanks for the link!

    T+S look so dynamically different over the years.
    i ❤ sara’s eyes..

  4. my top 5:
    1. Corin Tucker
    2. Carrie Brownstein
    3. Jenny Hoyston
    4. Tegan Quin
    5. Hannah Blilie
    love foxxx and M.I.A are hot too.

  5. No way, Sara is definitely the hotter one. Not to bring either of them down cause they are both gorgeous.

  6. Yep, I’ve always thought Tegan was hotter and Sara was cuter too. They’re both amazing.

  7. Tegan’s hot , but there’s just something about Sara, that makes her slightly more WOW. imho 🙂

  8. Tegan and Sara are both equally beautiful as well as TALENTED. I love them both, their music is full of expression and thought! It’s a plus they are both hot!!!

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