Oh no she didn’t!

Lesbians everywhere let out a collective sigh of relief last night when Tila Tequila foolishly chose country boy Bobby for a shot at love. Dani was broken hearted, but her new life as a celesbian is just beginning. “A Shot at Love with Dani Campbell” would surely be a hit but she probably doesn’t need a TV show with all the ass she’s getting now. One thing she should definitely have: her own hot fireman calendar–12 months of Dani in rubber pants.


3 responses to “Oh no she didn’t!

  1. hey dani i am sorry tila did not pick u, u were the best from the beginning, i was so hopeing u would win, i am sorry u got your heartbroken i know how that feels well i hope all the best for u dani your #1 fan jess.

  2. I personally think that Dani is the best and she is also a respected woman, let alone a new found LESBIAN LEADER! šŸ™‚ She does not need to be said as “getting ass” though, she seems like the respecting type of girl and “getting Ass” doesn’t seem like a top priority, but treating a girl like she deserves to be deems KUDOS! Maybe we all don’t want Prince Charming but Dani sure is one hell of a CINDERELLA!!! šŸ™‚

  3. dani seems cool and all, but i can’t help but notice that her smile is exactly the same in every picture i’ve seen of her.

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