The Top 5 Songs about Lesbians in 2007

Not only queer girls sing about queer girls, and in 2007 there were a few artists singing their praises in support of gay women. Here’s our top 5 picks of songs about lesbians this year:

5. LESBIANS- “Lesbians Don’t Get The Blues”

Jenny Hoyston’s band with Tara Jespen and Michelle Lawler have only a few songs on their Myspace so far, but it’s enough to know we’re in love. Our namesake band have created gay, feminist anthems that say what is on our minds in “Lesbians Don’t Get the Blues: “You must think about being gay all of the time because it clearly makes you feel so, so good. I wonder, it makes me think, I’m so glad I won’t get pregnant. I’m so glad I don’t have to decide to spit or swallow. I’m so glad I don’t have to over-identify with Cosmo Magazine.” Check out the song on their Myspace.

4. Tegan and Sara- “Knife Going In”

Previously, the twins were a little more tight-lipped about being gay, even though they were out. They wanted their being lesbians to be a non-issue, but fans can’t help but want to know about their sex lives. On The Con and subsequent press for the album, it seems they care a little less. The album’s opening song “I Was Married” is about gay marriage, but the sad Sara track “Knife Going In” about losing her grandma and asking her (now ex) girlfriend to be there for her is so uncharacteristically personal: “Emy should I stop?”

3. The Shins- “Phantom Limb”

The Shins‘ singer/songwriter James Mercer says of the 2007 album’s title track, “Phantom Limb” : “[The lyrics] are about two young girls who are in love, which was I guess my interpretation of the feeling I got… the feeling of romance, that I felt the music was purveying, and the apprehension and the alienation. I pictured this love affair that had to be kept secret, was very powerful and was something that freed them, these two girls, from their boring and oppressed life they were living in a small town.” A romantic song of melancholy indeed.

2. Team Gina- “ButchFemme”

For a literal description of lesbian courtship, you can count on Team Gina to deliver the goods. Two femme MCs rapping about butches with backwards caps, star tattoos and Carharts is a 2007 anthem and ode to the butch: “I like a girl with a little bit of body mass.”

1. Jens Lekman- “Postcard to Nina”

It’s true–a 20-something Nordic man has written the number one lesbian song of the year. Nina is a lesbian, and a good friend of Jens, who needs him to pretend he’s her boyfriend for a meeting with her father: “Nina I can be your boyfriend, so you can stay with your girlfriend/Your father is a sweet old man, but it is hard for him to understand that you wanna love a woman.” Detailing the awkward dinner with Nina’s father and subsequent follow-up e-mails paired with the beautiful ukulele instrumental makes this song both funny and sweet, and certainly the number one song about lesbians this year.


3 responses to “The Top 5 Songs about Lesbians in 2007

  1. great picks.. as usual!!! u guys rock .

  2. yeah..knife going in is totally sad song…
    which is great, coz i love sad song = )

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