What Juno about Ellen Page?

Ever since we saw Ellen Page in Hard Candy, with her short ‘do and tomboyish mannerisms, we had the inkling that she could very well bat for our team. The star of the critically acclaimed new flick Juno looks sort of like a young Tegan and/or Sara. But maybe that’s just how all Canadian girls look. (If that’s the case, we’re heading north!) But while Page isn’t out (and was at one time linked to X-Men 3 co-star Ben Foster), several things set off our gaydar:

*She’s an outspoken feminist.

*According to her imdb profile, she enjoys playing basketbal, soccer and going snowboarding and skiing.

*Was quoted saying, “As a girl, you’re supposed to love Sleeping Beauty. I mean who wants to love Sleeping Beauty when you can be Aladdin?”

*Her wardrobe largely consists of Converse and flannel. She was surprised to be asked to pose with other actresses for a photo spread in Vanity Fair, telling NPR, “… Do they know how tall I am, how I dress?'”

*She has said numerous times that she’s very eager to begin filming Jack and Diane, her upcoming film about lesbian werewolves.

*She did an interview for Curve (about X-Men, borrring!) so she obviously reads the lesbian mag–at least that one issue.

*See photo.


35 responses to “What Juno about Ellen Page?

  1. totally unrelated to this post, but just thought u might be interested:


  2. ya, she’s SO on our team. it all makes sense. flannel!

  3. Ugh, she needs to date me!

  4. i think you’re totally right. you’re hot on her gay trail, she may as well just come out already. how much more information do you need?? a photo of her on the back of queen latifah’s hog?

    i still need to see that lezbo’s new movie!

  5. This is why I’ve taken to calling her Ellen Gayge

  6. Well I hope so ha.
    if anything that list certainly makes her queer

  7. I have to admit she looks like Tegan and Sara, the thought has crossed my mind. But in every way from her acting to her entire face she reminds me of Linda Cardellini. E.P. is cute and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were bi.

  8. I don’t think shes a lesbian. She could be bi, but I just dont see her as being a lesbian.

  9. Isn’t the point supposed to be that she’s an entertainer that we all enjoy – for her skill and her cute little lez look – ? Does it REALLY matter? It’s not going to alter your fantasy life if it’s confirmed/denied – besides – she’s only young yet.


    I have the biggest crush on her

  11. Umm well i definitly see gay tendencies in her but i totally dont see her being gay. She is probably doing Jack and Diane becuase she wants to prove how versitile she is. I totally think shes awesome!

  12. So only gay girls like sport, converse and flannel?… That’s beyond stupid. I feel dumb for having read that. Good work.

  13. Whilst you could certainly by correct about her sexuality – I think your reasoning is ridiculous.

    Sorry to troll, but this is the kind of guff that makes us all look bad.

  14. it was supposed to be a funny speculation. while we do personally think Ellen is a ‘mo, we don’t think it’s because of these facts. we don’t take ourselves that seriously, all πŸ™‚

  15. So Avril was gay too?
    Converse, Skateboarding, Flannels, Ties?
    I don’t think that the reasons you give make her gay, she does not wears dresses she’s not tall to wear them, Just because her dressing and sports tastes is not reason to call her gay and make someone think she’s.
    Anyway, let’s enjoy her work on screen.

  16. Hey all.. I wear flannel, cons and skateboard..I must be a lesbian too

    Love +peas
    UK dude

  17. I agree that it’s dumb to “assume” people are gay based on stereotypes, but come on,
    the girl is a flaming lez.
    Some people have gaydar, some don’t. Ellen happens to set off gaydars like crazy…
    is it because she wears converse? Doubtful.
    Sometimes finding “evidence” is really silly, …but sometimes it seems there’s no other way to convince those who can’t just “see it”!

  18. Look.
    I also have a tomboyish girlfriend. She DO boyish sports, and like playin lineage 2 and same games, and never saw her in skirt yet, but she is NO gay at all. She is a girl by all mean, and she’s interested in guys.
    So for a girl by being boyish in some ways like hobby or clothing DOES NOT mean that she is gay.
    I also know lesbian women, and to tell to you all, they are acting totaly different, not as a normal woman.
    I think their behaviour is what matters.
    Also know some man-hater woman but they just didn’t became lesbian, only disappointed in men.

  19. I agree that not by only wearing converse and stuf ur gay.
    If she is gay, i’m single πŸ™‚
    she’s cute, but maybe a little far away for me.

  20. i wear flannel. i LOVE rock and roll. and aladdin is my favorite disney movie of all time. i play sports in college. and oh, i have a boyfriend.

    dont try to make someone out to be a queer when they’re not, thats evil.

  21. Wearing Converse and flannel doesn’t make you gay but sleeping with your girlfriend does!! Oh, that’s right I AM gay!

  22. so what if people think you’re gay because of the clothes you wear? there’s no need to be so defensive.

    anyway, queer or not, ellen page is an awesome actress.

  23. i recently watched the movie juno with my sister and bro in law we kept laughing because the charachters in the move had so much in common wen she got pregnant accept for the adoption part but anyways ELLEN PAGE ROCKS ALWAYZ !!!!!

  24. Yeah, we’re totally married.
    She’s definitely into girls.

  25. ok…im desipointed in my grl (ellen) shes 2 good 2 b a lez but like half american grls shes going 2 make the damn wrong 1!!!!!!!!

  26. bobby digital

    shes not a lezbo shes a hot straight canadian girl, and the girls in canada play sports and that dose not mean the are lezes….. just means they like to have fun

  27. she didn’t look lez in xmen 3.

  28. i think ur all a bunch of assholes. just because she’s not the preppiest person out there doesn’t mean she’s a lesbo. i wear the same kind of stuff and i have a boyfriend who i’m really into. ya, BOYfriend

  29. haha, lesbians! you’ll never have her, muhahahaa

  30. Wow, seems like quite a few of you have taken the term “bats for our team” a little too far… 30,000 K a week for Ellen on our team, girls?

    Regardless, these are just stereotypes and it doesn’t mean that she’s gay. Although it would be cool it’s not anyone’s place to speculate on her sexuality, whatever happened to the right to privacy?

  31. number one on your list- she’s an outspoken feminist?


    hope for humanity… fading…

    unless you’re trying to be funny.
    in that case, you’re just really not funny.

  32. it said snowboarding for one
    and leave the poor girl alone

  33. christygriner

    good post!

  34. dude in pants

    I will fight you for her! The entire lesbian community if need be! There’s a hole in my heart and it’s shaped like Ellen Page.

  35. I think you girls need to give up on the fact that not every tomboy likes vag. What is the point in putting her life on blast? I mean with this stupid shit all your going to do is give her a bad name and if she is lez would you want to be early outed by a bunch of raged blogging lesbos? Get a life

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