Is anyone ever real on reality TV?

OK, so we’re guilty of watching “A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila.” At first, it was to make fun of it, and while we still do, we’ve been rooting for Dani, the self-proclaimed “futch” lesbian. Last night’s episode was a crappy recap that offered no new info, but next week Tila will decide between boring Bobby and Dani, who has seemed like the most genuine person on the show since the beginning. But is she? Last month, Dani posted a blog on her Myspace page about starting a new clothing company called–you guessed it–Futch, that will have boyish clothes to fit girlish figures.

Dani says, “So before all this new found fame, I always had a dream of starting a clothing company. … This isn’t a cheap, sell-out jump at a money making opportunity.”

Isn’t it? Just when we were fooled into thinking Dani was really all about Tila, she announces new Team Dani T-Shirts for sale ($25).


4 responses to “Is anyone ever real on reality TV?

  1. Actually i think it said her cousin made those shirts for fun. And what’s wrong with providing clothing for women who’d otherwise shop in the men’s section?

  2. riotgrrrlrevolution

    I’ve only seen a couple episodes & yes, I liked Dani…but at the same time the thought “she’s on a reality tv show…w/ tila tequilla…” and that thought didn’t give her too much credibility….but she’s still the best of all the ppl there. so, that’s something.

  3. okay, so some people’s opinion on dani…whatever. My opinion on Dani…that girl is amazing and she is totally my type of woman! I would so have picked her. While i am not a total lesbian, i am a bisexual girl and so is Tila, I would have picked Dani…for the sheer fact that if you are bi and you are looking for what you want in a relationship, you get the best of both world’s with Dani. That is something I thought from day one. DANI BABYGIRL>>>>UR AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU EVEN IF TILA DOESN’T…YOU ALWAYS WILL HAVE FRIENDS AND PPL WHO WANT TO BE YOUR LOVER..LOL YEAH THAT INCLUDES ME…I SAW THE WAY YOU KISSED HER! WOW! HOTT ONE!

  4. someone email me and tell me how I get a team dani tshirt!!

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