Carrie Brownstein: she’s just like us

Based on Oprah’s “Favorite Things,” Carrie Brownstein has read her blog post about her own favorite things on NPR’s show “Day to Day.” She enjoys Youtube, pizza, and music–Christmas shopping made easy. Carrie’s blog is on our “Favorite Things” list this year, so make sure to forward it on to a friend.

Some of our other favorite things right now: Megan Holmes’ photos, When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution blog, and the current issue of Girls Like Us, which has an interview with Electrelane’s hot drummer, Emma Gaze.


3 responses to “Carrie Brownstein: she’s just like us

  1. riotgrrrlrevolution

    Thanks for including me in your list of favorite things! This is good motivation for me to keep working harder 🙂
    also, looks like if I make a list of favorite things, this blog will have to be on it as well. a quick overview of the content is all I need to know that I’m in love. Now, I’m going to end this comment and read everything. seriously. everything 🙂

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  3. justanother RebelGrrl in LOVE


    anyone got a po box or something for me?

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