All the gay that’s fit to print

The winter issues of indie mags are very gay lady friendly this year. Music rag Alarm has an in-person interview with Jenny Hoyston in her fair city of San Francisco, chatting about her musical schizophrenia and multiple projects. Venus Zine has an interview with Miranda July, also about her artistic schizo and multiple projects. She won second place in the mag’s reader poll for Best Book, which was clearly an error as she should have won first: No one Belongs Here More Than You is a masterpiece. Nonetheless, it’s a good year for queer ladies with agendas.


4 responses to “All the gay that’s fit to print

  1. Except that Miranda July has dated dudes for the past 10 years.

  2. Well “Janice,” she’s still queer. We never said she was 100% gay. Thanks for reading!

  3. Despite being called a rag, we appreciate the link. Kaki King coming soon…

  4. rag as in raging mag 😉 can’t wait for kaki!

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