Your gaydar: did Queen set it off?

Gossip mongers are all a buzz today, as rapper turned actress turned Cover Girl Queen Latifah (GASP!) and not only that, she Surprised? Of course not. Our gaydar has been going off on Dana Owens since junior high. Before we knew we were gay, it was obvious she was. And, according to MediaTakeOut, the Queen may just finally be tired of being all Jodie Foster about it and has supposedly popped the question to “her personal trainer” Jeanette Jenkins. The report says that an “official announcement” will be made after Latifah wraps up promotion of her new film, The Perfect Holiday, in which she plays, er, is the narrator. Because being “officially” gay as opposed to just obviously gay might turn fans away from coming to hear your voice in theaters.

Needless to say, we’re not surprised. After all, she’s had the same personal trainer for four years and looks the same; she’s never with any dudes on the red carpet (we give her credit for not pretending); she seems to have a strange affinity for sweatpants; and have you seen Set It Off?!


2 responses to “Your gaydar: did Queen set it off?

  1. jodie is in a similar situation: half-way out of the closet!

  2. lol i love u guys .. that comment about being openly gay as opposed to just obviously gay .. actually made me laugh out loud …

    good job guys!

    hehe and queen latifah is so beautiful.. i hope she and alicia keys stop tryna hide.. there are plenty of interested girlies out here waiting for these knock out to join the girl’s on girls’s team .. hehe i sure am

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