Sadie Benning work in White Columns

Talented queer artist/ex-Le Tigre member Sadie Benning has a piece in a New York exhibition at White Columns from now until December 21. Her two-screen video animation “Play Pause” is part of curator Clarissa Dalrymple’s favorite work of the year in her exhibition, “Looking Back: The White Columns Annual.” Catch it while you still can, New Yorkers.


3 responses to “Sadie Benning work in White Columns

  1. Erin Stapleton

    wow! new sadie…
    damn i wish i could go to that…

  2. This post is correct except that the White Columns show includes two elements from Sadie’s Fall 2007 Orchard Gallery show, the video installation One Liner plus a wall sculpture. Also exhibited at White Columns is the video, The Baby. “Play Pause,” which premiered at the Wexner and was installed briefly this fall at Dia: Chelsea, was too large to fit in the White Columns show.


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