Dani: she speaks!

AfterEllen has an interview with Tila Tequila suitor, Dani. The firewoman discusses why she auditioned (three beers and some prodding), what she thinks of the other girls, and why she refuses to wear the outfits laid out for the ladies. She also talks about why her Myspace still says “single” but why that gives nothing away about the contest for Tila’s heart:

It was like that when I left for this show, and so I figured I’m not going to touch it when I get back, I’m just not going to do anything. And people are like, “Oh, I guess you didn’t win, because it says ‘single.'” I mean, people really look into this MySpace stuff.

That’s right–so we’re going to look into the comments you also made about what you look for in a girl that sounds suspiciously like Tila (“Very outgoing, likes to go out and have a good time, intelligent. I like girls that are shorter than me. I like long dark hair.”)


One response to “Dani: she speaks!

  1. i love that you posted a link to her myspace page. it’s hilarious because she’s a big gay icon now.
    it’s just too bad for all her fans that she will more than likely not end up with tila’s heart. if she is picked (or any of the other women), it will probably be just because it wouldn’t expected. purely for television.

    i honestly don’t believe that tila could love a woman in that way, even if the opportunity kicked in her door and scissored her.

    but i’ve used up my self allowed time to seriously discuss reality television for the month.

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