Missy Higgins comes out (a little)

Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins has sort of, kind of come out in the country’s lesbian magazine, Cherrie. The magazine’s motto is that it’s for “not-so-straight girls,” so when asked in an interview if she qualified as “not-so-straight,” Higgins replied, “Yeah, definitely. I think a lot of people fall under that broad umbrella term.” Going for the “everybody is bi” defense, Missy?


4 responses to “Missy Higgins comes out (a little)

  1. Erin Stapleton

    oh please… missy higgins is such a poser
    conveniently bi while it’s conveniently trendy…
    she’s a pseudo-hippy who went to the most expensive school in Australia too…

  2. Erin Stapleton

    (she might just annoy the crap out of me)

  3. i adore her, and i don’t think she is only “not-so-straight.” she can not say whatever she doesn’t want to say about herself. i don’t get what the piano falling apart is all about, though.


    what a legend!! Her music is just great and she is so beautiful………………………….

    All her concerts are entertaining and well worth going to……..

    I buy all her cds just love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to ask her if she does work experience but cant contact her any idea…?

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