Don’t get it twisted

This just in: the following people are not lesbians, in case you thought that they were.


Leelee Sobieski: “I have friends of all sorts and I judge nothing, but I like men,” she told the New York Observer. Queer girls everywhere shrug apathetically ask, “Who?”

Stana Katic: Despite luring Selma Blair to her lesbian lair in Feast of Love this fall, Katic told the New York Post, “As a kisser, I would say Selma was very titillating. It was my first time kissing a woman . . . I had a great time with her. But I reconfirmed to myself that I’m 100 percent heterosexual.”

Everyone is apparently gay until proven straight.


One response to “Don’t get it twisted

  1. Erin Stapleton

    hm. how bout asia argento?

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