CSS want you to touch it

CSS couldn’t have planned a product tie-in any better than they have with the new iPod Touch. The commercial for the new phone/iPod just goes too perfectly with the line “my music is where I’d like you to touch” from the band’s song, “Music is my Hot Hot Sex.” But whenever you hear the mere 30 seconds of the song on your TV, it’s never quite enough–opt to watch the video instead.


5 responses to “CSS want you to touch it

  1. cagandoeandando

    I knew it before than everybody

  2. are any of the girls in this band gay? or isn’t it just the guy?

  3. a couple of the ladies are queer as well!

  4. woah.
    this is awesome.
    i fee like i’m on an acid trip.

    what language is that?

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