Beth Ditto: Busted

When Bust Magazine asked Karen O to be their cover woman a few years back, she said she wouldn’t do it without her two bandmates, so the mag complied. Unfortunately, Beth Ditto isn’t taking the same stand for her place on the cover this month. We love the girl, but come on–Nathan has been in the Gossip since the beginning, and Hannah is an out feminist whose drumming brought the band to an entirely new level. They deserve some recognition too. We don’t expect any more from Bust, but from Beth we do. Hannah is way hotter than that cat.


7 responses to “Beth Ditto: Busted

  1. lmao.. my thoughts exactly… i love Hannah.. what’s better than a chick with rhythm.. its certainly isn’t a cat.

  2. Maybe Hanna and Nathan are shy? I’m just glad the band is getting recognised, period

  3. I found an interview on youtube (this one: where Hannah introduces herself and Nathan as “the losers of the band, that no one wants to interview.” which is sad. I love me some Beth, but the Gossip is a three piece, not a one woman show.
    also, Hannah is a babe.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that about Karen O. Just when I though I couldn’t love her more, she goes and does something like that! And seriously, I love the Gossip, every member, and it makes me a little bit sad to hear this.

  5. Tonya’s right – Hannah’s a babe & kicks arse as a drummer.

  6. that’s really lame, there’s only 3 of them
    give them some shine ditto
    & yeah hannah’s great, shoplifting and allll

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