Been caught stealing

Mika Miko played a gig at 6th Street Warehouse in L.A. last night and someone made off with all their merch, including tote bags, shirts, lps, 7″s. According to a Mika Miko blog post, the items were in a blue and black duffel bag with the a Universal logo on it. The merch bandit also swiped an iPod and a bunch of records from a member of No Age.

If you spot any new MM fanclubs start up in your hood, or an acquaintance suddenly owns multiple Mika Miko Ts and totes, you know what’s up–tell them that ain’t right.


One response to “Been caught stealing

  1. It’s rad that you posted about this. The Mika Miko girls found their stuff and dean got hit records back. And all was well again in our little punk rock family.

    This is nico from Her Girl Friday. I love your site.
    It’s the best. Forever ever.

    much love,

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