Hot jams, ladies at Ladyfest Chicago

It’s day three of Ladyfest Chicago, and tonight’s line-up makes us sad it’s almost over, with performances by our favorite tutu-wearing queer hip-hopper, Bunny Rabbit, disco-infused no wave trio Glass Candy and political punks Partyline. All three bands perform at AV-aerie (200 W. Fulton), starting at 8 p.m. Plenty of time to get rid of that pesky hangover to do it all over again.

Glass Candy’s Ida No, Partyline, Bunny Rabbit


One response to “Hot jams, ladies at Ladyfest Chicago

  1. oh man. bunny rabbit showed the hipsters what is up! so great! partyline too…reminded me of dancing in my friend’s car when i was 17. i mean that in the best way possible. i hope you ladies can make it out tonight. i hear ora cogan is amazing! (and she’s very sweet too!) i will buy you cookies!

    xo jenny

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