New season of Degrassi, the end of Palex

On Friday’s episode of Degrassi, Paige landed a job straight out of The Devil Wears Prada, assisting some fashion house worker in getting coffee and steaming dresses. Alex is still living in Paige’s house with Ellie and Marco, but she has become a slacker since graduating high school and quitting her job as a world-class stripper at Zanzibar.

Though opposites have attracted these two young lovers in the past, Paige gets fed up with Alex’s lack of ambition, and Alex thinks Paige’s job is ridicicously frivolous. Paige delivers the low blow and tells Alex, “You were better off a stripper” before saying she’s done. When Alex comes home later, she finds her bag is packed. No make-up sex is involved.

Unfortunately, it’s been reported that Deanna Casaluce¬†has moved from Toronto to Los Angeles to try movies and American television, so it’ll probably be the end of Palex for good. Will Paige date another girl? Probably not, but maybe Ellie will come out and start dating a hot butch. A girl can dream.


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