Get in touch with yr femme side

Are you always assumed to be the “fag hag” at Pride? Do you get, “Wow, you don’t even look gay!” a lot? It’s something queer femmes deal with on an almost daily basis: how to balance your total gayness with your desire to wear a dress and heels. This is exactly what The Femme Show is all about. Taking place Oct. 12 and 13 in Jamaica Plain, MA., the show is a multimedia evening of dance, music and theater celebrating femme identity, organized by Maggie Crowley (who was named one of Advocate’s 2006 Future Gay Rights Leaders).

As Crowley says in her blog, “Some people assume that femmes have just come out and that we’ll become more like ‘real lesbians’ eventually. Femininity is so devalued in our society that some people can’t imagine that some of us like being feminine and embrace it.”

Find out more about The Femme Show in this interview with Crowley on Bay Windows.


One response to “Get in touch with yr femme side

  1. word! i still haven’t butched up yet and it’s been three years.

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