And the law won

In lesbian legal news:

Sam Ronson is suing Perez Hilton for defamation.  Last May, Perez gossiped about the DJ leaving coke in Lindsay Lohan’s car. Perez’s attorney says she has no ground to stand on, saying “He stands by his actions as being legal and proper and believes that the First Amendment protects him.” Whatever Sam’s hoping to win, it can’t be much. After all, he works out of the Coffee Bean.

On the other side of the law, Michelle Rodriguez is going to jail. She’s been sentenced for 180 days for violating her probation, which probably means she’ll be released after two weeks. Unfortunately, we think she’ll want to stay inside after meeting some hot broads with bad attitudes. She has to report by Christmas Eve–how festive.


One response to “And the law won

  1. Hey, your blog rocks. You have my loyalty as a reader. Give me more!

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