Katherine Moennig: still not out

Katherine Moennig is on the cover of Diva magazine this month, something that wouldn’t be much fodder except for the fact that she’s the third ‘L Word’ star to be featured in just four months (Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey preceded her). But don’t expect Moennig to dish about her gf or any other really gay secrets–apparently, she thinks she’s fooling people by still not divulging anything regarding her sexual preference (because that worked so well for Jodie Foster).

C’mon Kate, it’s like selecting “no answer” on MySpace! But “Shane” goes a step further with the cheesy slogan tank top that says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Good advice. But you can judge a homo by her clothes/hair/totally gay sex appeal.


4 responses to “Katherine Moennig: still not out

  1. omg this was really funny .. i love your style lady….

    lol this just reminds me of that scene from season 3 of the L word where shane had given dana acid right before a tegan and sara concert and dana imagined them singing her outta the closet .. lmao … the irony.

  2. actually, it should be up to her if she wants to divulge information about her orientation. We should love her for who she is, not what she is..

  3. i dont care if she’s gay or not, there’s just something about her that reflects me.im meant kate not shane. and i just know exactly what she is. BTW, love her styles!!

  4. something that really gets to me is we all know she’s gay and she curge people t o get out and she says that if you’re gay come out and shit but she dont even have the balls to come out herself and that bugs me i really like her and im a big fan of her but i hope she could just come out.. i mean she cant fool anyone ,

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