Shopping with Samantha Ronson

Myspace TV recently followed gay DJ Sam Ronson around Los Angeles as she bragged about the high-end shit she can afford. She dishes out some fashion advice (“Do not wear a bikini top as a shirt”) and shows us her obsessive sneaker room (she only collects “classics.”)

Her favorite haunts include Tabloid (for “extra, like, baggy and long” t-shirts that are “all, like, soft and see-through and yummy”), Tracey Ross (“for girly stuff”), and Brooklyn Projects (“I like to mix skater with high-end stuff,” she says.) Most of the time, she’s wearing a faded Guns N Roses tour T, so her taste is questionable, but when she pops into Dior Homme and puts on a blazer, skinny jeans, and a white button down, she looks pretty hot. She should dress up more often–she can afford to, and we don’t want any more Fashion Week repeats.


2 responses to “Shopping with Samantha Ronson

  1. YUM.

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