Not a (Myspace) addict

Isn’t it so annoying when random MySpace friends post bulletins announcing “new pics”? (Note to those who are guilty of that: stop. It will be obvious when your picture is, in fact, new.) However, if you’re “friends” with former K’s Choice singer and lesbian Sarah Bettens, the “new pics” post is a tad less annoying, as they give you an inside view on life at Michigan Womyn’s Festival.

As the woman behind the ’90s drug-love anthem, “Not An Addict,” Bettens is making a solo comeback, and she performed at this year’s fest. Her new candid photos include a lesbian guitar circle, a pose with wine and a tent in the Michigan wild, a deep convo with Amy Ray, and her performance. Mostly, she looks like Jackie Warner with a less-expensive haircut.

“Weren’t the 1990s good to us?”


One response to “Not a (Myspace) addict

  1. Shes camping, what do you expect!! Get up on the wrong side of the bed?

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