Adrian Tomine loves gay women

Comic artist Adrian Tomine may be a dude, but he knows his gay girls. His newest book based on his series “Optic Nerve” is called Shortcomings and comes out today. Tomine’s best character is the young, sarcastic lesbian, Alice Kim. She’s the main character’s best bud, and says things like “My goal is to at least make out with a hundred girls by the time I get my PhD.” Smart lady.

In the comic, Alice moves with her BFF, Ben, from California to New York City where they both chase after love. She isn’t the only queer in the book, though–Ben tries his hand at dating a bi girl (it doesn’t work out.) The gay ladies in Shortcomings aren’t the only reason you should give it a read: the sharp witty dialogue of all characters makes it irresistible, even if you’re not into comics.


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