Michelle Rodriguez is unimpressive

Psuedo-gay actress, Michelle Rodriguez, might be the latest celebrity to face jail time. She is accused of lying about serving community service that she has been assigned as part of her probation from drinking and driving related charges. The Boston Herald reports that Michelle will go in front of a judge on October 12 to receive her punishment, but things don’t look good as they also wrote that “the judge said he was not impressed with her.” Ok Judgie, her acting skills aside..what do you think? She was kind of hot in Blue Crush.

If Michelle does get sent to the clinker, she’ll most likely become someone’s bitch–and like it. Perhaps she’ll star in Bad Girls: The Movie.


2 responses to “Michelle Rodriguez is unimpressive

  1. who is she kidding–she’s SO gay. Esp in Blue Crush! Which I now have to watch again.

  2. NOOOOO!!!I don’t want Michelle Rodriguez to face jail time…I LOVE MICHELLE!!!

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