She’s got a friend with a pole in her basement

Jenny Owen Youngs is not your typical lesbian singer-songwriter. She may be from the East Coast and love the ladies, but Jenny is sort of the Avril Lavigne of folk music, with her rebellious ‘tude and ties. Her most recent video hints at why she is a little different from, say, Melissa Ferrick who chooses to make parodies of Melissa Etheridge songs. Jenny’s natural pick: Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.”

Her video for the song is not in da club, nor does it feature sweaty, half-naked dancers. Jenny told Spinner the video is “a concept that seemed to possess exactly the appropriate amount of whimsy. After all, when making a video for a cover of ‘Hot In Herre’ one would probably do well not to take one’s self too seriously.” Just like Alanis Morissette covering “My Humps” before her, this is genius.

If you noticed, that video was provided by Perez Hilton, who happens to be putting on a concert Sept. 30 at the El Rey in Los Angeles, at which Jenny will also be performing to kick off her fall tour. Do you see Melissa Ferrick doing that?


2 responses to “She’s got a friend with a pole in her basement

  1. jeffreubenmusic

    That is great. Did you notice she was playing the game “don’t break the ice” in the video? i play that with my little nephew all the time.

  2. Of course what you’re failing to mention about Melissa Ferrick is that she covers other things too, like David Gray’s “Babylon” and Ryan Adams’ “Come Pick Me Up.” Not to mention throwing in bits of Stevie Wonder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers into her sets.

    Come on, recognize. Miss Youngs is amazing, it’s true. But give a girl her due. (After all, has Perez HEARD Melissa’s new record?)

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